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  • Horny truth and dare:- It is a sexy entertainment in which you can dare each other for having playful and highly pleasurable sex.
  • Strip questioning:- it is a simple game in which for every wrong answer you give to the question your partner or las vegas escorts asks, he/she have to remove their layer of cloth. A good way of stripping sex with fun facts to get to know about each other.
  • Sexy notes puzzle:- Leave sexy notes in different places of the house with messages or clues to a puzzle or gift and build great intimate tension between you both.
  • Blindfold and food:- food has always been tempting sex arousal when used in sex games, tie blindfold on your partner,s or las vegas call girls eyes and then ask them to feed you with chocolates or ice-cream if ice-cream falls of to any body part they have to lick it.

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